Worldwide Collection of Eternals.

Worldwide Collection of Eternals.


Marvel Studio released their new movie Eternals on 05 November 2021. The movie Eternals has been released on the First day in 4090 Theaters.

On the First day, the box office collection of the Eternals movie was 30.645 million US dollars. So far (November 17, 2021) the Eternals movie has a domestic collection of about 125 million US dollars, an international collection of about 16.4 million US dollars and the total collection of the movie worldwide is about 301.4 million US dollars.

Critics estimate that the movie’s first month’s World Wide collection will exceed 500 million.

Marvel Studios had a budget of 200 million US dollars to make the Eternals movie. And in its first 15 days, the movie has grossed over 100 million US dollars. Critics have given the movie a disappointing review, but the Eternals movie has become a focal point of attraction for Marvel lovers.

-BD News 1971